Q: Where can I obtain Acronis products in South Africa? Elsewhere in Africa?

A: Contact your software supplier.  If you’re an end-user and don’t have a preferred software supplier, contact Synapsys and we’ll put you in touch with a skilled dealer who can address your specific requirements.  Synapsys has been the official authorised distributor of Acronis software since 2003. We have a network of resellers throughout South Africa as well as East, Central, West and Southern Africa.

Q: How is Acronis software supplied?

A: All Acronis software is supplied by ESD (electronic software download) via the Internet. No physical product is shipped (if required, media kits are available at extra charge). This means Acronis can price the products more aggressively and pass on manufacturing savings to you.

Q: Do I pay more in South Africa for Acronis software?

A: No. There is no local price uplift from Synapsys, so you can be sure of obtaining the best possible Acronis price from Synapsys.

Q: How do I get technical support for Acronis software?

A: Acronis software is robust and easy to install and configure.  Technical support for customers worldwide is provided by Acronis.  All Acronis software licences include 12 months maintenance & support (either Premier or Standard). For registered users, the quickest way to get technical support is to open a support incident on the Acronis website, or telephone 087-550-2291 (South Africa)

Q: I have a current Acronis Support & Maintenance subscription - how do I get the no-charge upgrades?

A: Your software must be registered on your account profile on the Acronis website.

  1. Log in to your account on the Acronis website.
  2. Make sure all your licences are registered under your account.
  3. Switch to Registered Products & Support in the upper left-hand corner of the page.
  4. Click on the Upgrades tab.
  5. Click on the product name. A pop-up window will appear: If you have a valid Acronis Advantage Standard/Premier support program for all your products, you will be able to get free upgrades. Upgrade keys will get automatically registered under your account and will also be sent to your mailbox.

If you have already renewed your Acronis Advantage support program and haven’t received the free upgrade option, you will need to contact Acronis Customer Central agent via Chat. This option will also be available under Contact Us on the Acronis website.  Instructions here.  Users in South Africa can also call 087-550-2291.

Q: What are the Acronis rules for renewal of the annual Acronis Advantage subscription (support & maintenance)?

A: Acronis Advantage (maintenance & support) renewals are due on the anniversary of the original licence purchase. Acronis sends renewal reminders to the specified end-user contact at 90 days, 60 days and 30 days before the renewal due date. Renewal orders must be received by Acronis by the renewal date, in which case maintenance & support continue seamlessly. A 30-day grace period from the renewal due date is granted for ordinary renewals. After the 30-day grace period renewal reinstatement charges apply. After 12 months, version upgrade pricing applies.

Q: Can I renew the Support & Maintenance subscription so that all my renewals fall on the same date?

A: Yes. This is called a Co-Term Renewal. Having all your renewals due on the same date can simplify administration and budgeting. Contact your software supplier or Synapsys to obtain a quotation for a co-term renewal. The minimum renewal period is 12 months.