2021-03-31  Congratulations, we’ve reached the final session of Acronis’s online marketing course for its MSP partners titled “Marketing Fundamentals (for Non-Marketers)”.  And to jump straight to the end of the online video session, two things should now be very clear:

  1. companies that market more and better grow faster; and,
  2. it’s complicated (but don’t worry, you’re already ahead of the game by doing this course).

This is according to US marketing expert Louis Gudema who hosted the course and who developed Bullseye Marketing, the marketing framework that the course is based on.

Putting your marketing to work

In this session, Gudema gives a quick recap of the previous sessions, including what to do and how to do it. He then moves on to offering guidelines for choosing the most helpful marketing technology tools. With more than 7,000 martech tools available, this is essential advice.

From there we move into the meat of the session, taking a look at marketing data and analytics where you’ll find out about

  • key metrics you should be tracking;
  • building your marketing team in a way that works for your organisation; and
  • agile marketing methods.

Although we are starting to move into territory that may feel very foreign to non-marketers, this new information builds on what we have already learnt, which provides context and confidence. Plus the good news is you don’t need to do it all, or do it all yourself. As usual Gudema’s information is both tailored to your situation, and very practical.


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Written for publication on the Synapsys website on 31 March 2021