2021-03-23  Our mission at Synapsys was always to bring Acronis to Africa – well, it’s happened! You may already have seen the announcement in the news or on social media, but we wanted to share it here too.

As part of its accelerated growth plan, Acronis identified Africa as a strategic growth market and is investing in our region by establishing a permanent presence on the ground. To fast track this, Acronis announced on 16 March 2021 that it has acquired the Synapsys group of companies: Synapsys Systems (Pty) Ltd and Synapsys Distribution (Pty) Ltd.

Peter French, Synapsys’s Managing Director, is now Acronis General Manager for the Middle East/Africa market. This is what he had to say about the news:

“This deal feels like a natural extension to our long-standing relationship with Acronis. Partnerships are about relationships which are about people: we are looking forward to continuing to support MSPs across Africa in keeping the ecosystem cyber protected, now as part of Acronis. And former Synapsys partners can look forward to a closer relationship with Acronis, working through the same core team on the ground whom they have grown to trust over the years.”

Photo of the Synapsys team

Team Synapysy, now part of Acronis

What you need to know about the deal

  1. The team

You’ll continue working with the same team you got to know at Synapsys. Plus, you’ll benefit from the support of a product you need and love from a strong, innovative company. At Synapsys, we have always positioned ourselves as the go-to for anything related to Acronis, and now with this integration, the organisational fence between us is removed, which translates to a win for partners and customers.

  1. Transition period

As you’d expect, there is a transition period planned, after which Synapsys will be fully integrated into Acronis. We will manage this transition carefully, so it has limited operational impact on our partners, and for now things remain business as usual. As operational details are worked out, we’ll communicate them to you, but if you have any questions today, please get in touch.

You can read more about the news here.

Written for publication on the Synapsys website on 23 March 2021