2021-03-12  Now that you have the fundamentals of Bullseye Marketing in place, this week’s session of “Marketing Fundamentals (for Non-Marketers)” opens the treasure chest that is Acronis’s Partner marketing material. This is a wealth of sales and marketing collateral that is ready for you to use to put your marketing strategy into action.

Acronis Partner Portal

In this week’s video training session, Gudema provides a quick overview of what is available on the Acronis Partner Portal. But as he suggests, you really need to go onto the portal, orientate yourself and see what is possible.

More importantly, however, Gudema unlocks the entire marketing course by explaining how you can use these marketing materials to implement the strategies and tactics that have already been covered in the previous sessions. He talks us through a lead generation campaign to illustrate how the principles and tools work together across multiple channels.

Acronis really has done the heavy lifting for its partners with these resources. As US marketing expert Louis Gudema says, there are literally hundreds of resources in the library on the partner portal. These range from marketing campaigns and starter kits, to events and webinar material, to branding and logos. In fact, if you can think of it, it’s probably included under the marketing tab on the Acronis Partner Portal.

Moreover, Acronis has set things up so that with a very small amount of work, for instance adding your logo to an email template, you’ll be ready to roll with professional sales and marketing resources.

This 12-minute video packs a lot of punch, so don’t miss it for an overview of how these partner resources can help you accelerate your marketing and get the best ROI from your activities.


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Written for publication on the Synapsys website on 12 March 2021