2021-03-04  This week’s session of “Marketing Fundamentals (for Non-Marketers)”, Acronis’s online marketing course for its MSP partners, changes gear. Up until now the course has focussed on quick marketing wins, including optimising your existing marketing material and customer relationships and then getting in front of new customers who are ready to buy today. This was the sprint stage, which aims to deliver quick results and lead directly to sales.

Sprint + marathon = long term wins

You need to keep doing this. But now you also need to layer on the marathon training in order to build your brand and ensure awareness and sales into the future. In the fourth video session, “Marketing for long-term growth”, US marketing expert Louis Gudema introduces the next stage of his Bullseye Marketing framework.

In this session he covers eight important tactics that you can use to:

  • build your brand,
  • drive brand awareness, and
  • gain trust

over the long-term.

As usual the information is clear and concise, and peppered with practical tips, examples and stories that will provide inspiration for your own ideas for your company. 

Content is still key

Content is a large part of many of these tactics, so a useful complement to this session is the “5 Steps to content marketing” datasheet that Acronis emailed the week prior to sending the email with this video session’s link. Also, don’t forget the work you have done on your customer personas during last week’s session. You’ll be needing these insights to match your content to your customers and prospects.

If this sounds a bit overwhelming, remember that you are building on a solid foundation from the first half of the course. Plus Gudema gives useful advice on how to stay focussed and prioritise your activities — always with an eye on getting the most out of your marketing efforts and spend.

Enjoy the session and see you back here next week for a look at the marketing tools you have access to as an Acronis partner.

Acronis partners should have received a sign-up email on 26 November 2020. Get in touch with us if you didn’t and we’ll arrange a resend.

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Written for publication on the Synapsys website on 4 March 2021