2021-02-25  This week’s Synapsys notes post is all about finding and targeting your ideal customers who are ready to buy now or in the next few months. We’ll look at the buyer persona worksheet and episode three of Acronis’s “Marketing Fundamentals (for Non-Marketers)”, which is titled: “Finding people ready to buy”.

If you are backtracking through your emails to find these, they were emailed out separately by Acronis.

The course shifts gear from mining the relationships and activities you already have in place, to finding more customers. What we really like about this section of the course is that it reminds us that we are always marketing and selling to people. As US marketing expert Louis Gudema, who presents the course, says in episode three, even in business-to-business marketing, people still make decisions primarily based on emotions. Another thing we like is the laser-focus on understanding who your ideal customers are, and then getting in front of them when they are in the process of making a buying decision. This helps cut through the noise of all the things you could be doing, to highlight the things you should be doing.

Step one – buyer personas

Step one is to complete the buyer persona worksheet with your team. Even if you think you know exactly who your customers are, this exercise is always worthwhile as it uncovers insights from the rest of your team and helps document information that is in your head. Inevitably unexpected connections and insights will emerge from the process.

Once you have painted the picture of your ideal customers — you are likely to have more than one — watch episode three of the course for three very clear tactics around getting in front of people who match this profile.

As usual we appreciate Gudema’s practical, pragmatic advice, and in this episode he gets real about when you should stop trying to do things yourself and call in specialist support. (Hint: Google ad campaigns are essential, but are complicated to get right.) Also, with his Bullseye Marketing framework, Gudema doesn’t require you to reinvent the wheel. He explains how you can draw on customer data you probably already have access to, before spending money on third party data.

This 10-minute video packs a lot of punch, so get started on it and your buyer personas today.

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Written for publication on the Synapsys website on 25 February 2021