2021-02-18  We loved the subject line of the email that introduced the second session of Acronis’s “Marketing Fundamentals (for Non-Marketers)” so much that we used it for the title of this blog post.

So often, when starting something new, the overwhelm of thinking you are starting from scratch can be a challenge. But, as the title points out, this session takes a look at what you are already doing – formally or informally – to market your business and attract customers, and how you can harness this to start seeing quick results and grow your business.

Episode two: Optimizing existing marketing materials + worksheet

In this second session of Acronis’s online marketing course for its MSP partners, US marketing expert Louis Gudema expands on his Bullseye Marketing framework to look at optimising your existing marketing materials to grow your business faster. There’s a 44-minute video and customer persona worksheet (these were sent out in separate emails from Acronis). The video takes you through a logical, step-by-step process that helps you think about what you already know and do to attract customers and then it builds on this.

You’ll start with your existing customers and website and end up in a fairly complex digital marketing space, but Gudema gives you heaps of context and advice for navigating this. And you’ll end up where everyone wants to be: how to convert all this activity into sales using account based marketing.

See results within 3 – 6 months

As usual, Gudema mixes examples and anecdotes into the theory which helps make it come alive. He also offers a wealth of practical tips and tools that are all geared to help you see results in three to six months. 

So while this is the longest video of the six in the series, we encourage you to set aside some time to dive into it. It is an essential overview of the marketing landscape today, and sets the scene for some of the tactics introduced later in the course. Plus, it promises short term results through using and optimising things that you already do. 

Enjoy the session and meet us back here next week for session three, which looks at how to get your message out to people who are ready to receive it.

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Written for publication on the Synapsys website on 18 February 2021