2021-02-11  At the end of November last year, Acronis launched an excellent online marketing course for its MSP partners. Titled “Marketing Fundamentals (for Non-Marketers)” it runs for six video sessions and includes useful download materials. What we really like about the course is that it’s especially geared for MSPs and understands the context in which you operate.

The course is presented by US marketing expert Louis Gudema, who takes a straightforward, common sense approach to marketing. He shares a lot of advice about what you can do today to see immediate results, even if you are time and budget scarce.

But we know that at the end of November, most of us were winding down for the year (especially in the southern hemisphere where we were heading into summer). So, in case you put the course on your to-do list, and then kept bumping it down, we’ve got you covered.

Over the next six weeks Synapsys will be your online study group. We’ll watch the videos and review the associated collateral to let you know what we thought and why we think you should watch the week’s session. We’re not going to summarise the material for you, sorry! But hopefully the blog posts will give you the nudge to grab a coffee, plug in your headset and watch the videos, which are all direct and to the point – you won’t be wading through hours of material to get to the important nuggets of information. And then start marketing your business in 2021.

Let’s begin.

Bullseye Marketing infographic & virtual session 1

Once you have signed up for the course you’ll start receiving emails with the links you need. The first two work as a pair: an infographic outlining Bullseye Marketing, which is what Gudema calls his marketing framework, and a link to the first online session, which is just under 25 minutes long.

The infographic and video give you an overview of the Bullseye Marketing framework and will help you orientate yourself to the course. We love this framework because it cuts through the clutter and options available today and gives you a very clear plan for prioritising what to do and where you should focus your efforts.

It’s definitely not all theory and marketing jargon. Gudema explains things very clearly with a lot of context and practical advice. The Bullseye Marketing framework is very pragmatic: Gudema explains why marketing can be so challenging for MSPs today and gives recommendations with this in mind. One thing is clear though, the companies that do the most to promote their services are the companies that grow the fastest.

Enjoy the session and meet us back here next week for session two, which focuses on optimising what you’ve already got.


Acronis partners should have received a sign-up email on 26 November 2020. Get in touch with us if you didn’t and we’ll arrange a resend.

Not an Acronis partner yet? Get in touch with us and start your #CyberFit journey today.

Written for publication on the Synapsys website on 11 February 2021