2020-12-10 The Africa region massively exceeded Acronis’s projections for 2020, according to Sara Pinheiro, Acronis business development manager for Africa, who was in town recently and joined us for socially-distanced end-of-year Synapsys partner events. This is based on the growth of Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud, and Sara urges partners to look at a hybrid approach in 2021, with cloud service providers also selling on-premises Acronis solutions, and the reverse for on-prem partners.

The Acronis team dedicated to the African region has already grown this year, and will see further additions in 2021, along with the launch of a refreshed Acronis partner programme and additional focussed marketing and PR efforts. The company is also gearing up to announce its first local data centre in South Africa — more news on this is expected in 2021.

Local schools project, computer labs

Sara also shared with us that the Acronis Cyber Foundation, whose mission is to build schools where children don’t have access to schools, is going to build a further two schools in Africa. It has already completed schools, which focus on teaching STEM subjects to girls, in Senegal and Tanzania, with the next planned for Malawi and South Africa. A new addition to the schools project is building satellite computer labs to support learners with online access to education during the pandemic. (If you want to get involved with these important education initiatives, you can find out more at the end of this blog post.)

The Synapsys partner events took place in Johannesburg and Cape Town, with partners attending from surrounds and as far as Kenya. In between a coffee demonstration by Origin Coffee Roasting, three of our partners shared their stories about working with Synapsys and Acronis.

Partner testimonials

Mike Edmunds from Synapsys partner Bastion Backups shared a dramatic story about how his team was able to restore 6 TB of customer data after an attack by using Acronis Cyber Protect. The customer’s primary IT supplier had conceded defeat, but Bastion, by installing Acronis Cyber Protect after the attack, was able to detect the ransomware, isolate it, and clean up and restore the data.

Similarly, Gary Fouché from Synapsys partner Gravit8, first experienced Acronis in its early backup days when resolving a pre-existing issue for a client. Sixteen years later, he says Synapsys and Acronis still help him sleep at night, knowing that backups with Acronis have a 98% success rate, compared to the 30% to 40% success rate he was seeing with other suppliers. And the missing 2% is usually due to internet failures or load shedding, and Acronis’s easy to use monitoring system makes it quick and easy to identify any backup glitches and rerun them.

iStore Business’s Matthew Collison’s journey with Synapsys and Acronis is slightly different. He started out as a direct customer while looking after infrastructure for the Core Group in Southern Africa, where ultimately he had 25 TB of data residing in the Acronis cloud, hugely reduced his spend on virtual machines by shifting to Acronis’s license-free option, as well as finally finding a disaster recovery solution that could cope with their idiosyncratic database setup. From there, he took Acronis into the iStore Business’s managed services offering, where, he says, the product sells itself as there is a use for Acronis in almost every business.

Synapsys MD, Peter French, closed out the events with a quick Q&A session, and no doubt these conversations will continue in 2021, with hopefully more in-person engagements than we have been able to do this year.

How you can help:

  1. You can support the Acronis Cyber Foundation with office supplies, hardware and connectivity for the schools and computer labs.
  2. As part of Acronis’s ramp up of activities across all of Africa, it is looking for professional sports partnerships. If you have any recommendations or referrals, please let us know.

For both, email info@synapsys.co.za and we’ll pass your details on to Sara.

Written for publication on the Synapsys website on 10 December 2020