2020 11 05  If you don’t have time to browse the full set of on-demand recordings from the recent Acronis Global Cyber Summit, you’ll benefit from dipping into the below:

IT Channel: Industry Outlook, Opportunities & Trends The opportunities for the channel over the next decade look very different from the successful models of the past. This engaging session unpacks these changes and shares guidance for getting out in front of the market in 2021 and beyond. (watch here)

Navigating the Geopolitics of Tech: What’s happening in Europe and the UK Learn from a key leader who helped write the European cybersecurity strategy. (watch here)

Protect your Edge Elite sports pro’s (including Faf de Klerk) share insights you can apply to your business. (watch here)

SIT Academy: Cutting-edge trends of continuous education Discover what it takes to become your company’s digital leader in a discussion between Candid Wuest, a cybersecurity expert, and Philipp Boksberger expert in training and education. (watch here)

Generating Leads and Sales: Learning How to Create Messaging and Campaigns that Drive Sales in Your Market Learn how to identify and use your currently underutilized marketing assets as well as Acronis marketing campaigns to grow your business. (watch here)

The on-demand recordings are available until 20 December 2020 – don’t miss out!

Written for publication on the Synapsys website on 5 November 2020