Nick Keene Synapsys Presales Engineer


By Nick Keene, Synapsys Presales Engineer

When Acronis launched Cyber Protect Cloud it promised to give MSPs even more ways to build their businesses. And then when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, this became even more critical, especially for MSPs specialising in sectors that were badly affected by the health crisis.

And this really has been the case, as we discussed in a July webinar we held, in conjunction with Acronis, for our MSP partners. Having had a few months of experience with Acronis Cyber Cloud version 9, which is the edition that launched all the Cyber Protect Cloud features, we dug into how it can boost MSP businesses, including driving new revenue streams. In this blog post I look at some of the highlights.

Top three opportunities Acronis Cyber Protect provides MSPs:

  1. Upgraded security

  • Proactively avoid downtime and meet SLAs
  • Ensure complete customer data protection
  • Quick and effortless recovery after an attack
  • Real-time protection of the most important files
  • Auto-adjust customer protection in line with the most current threats
  1. Control over costs

  • Speed up and simplify the onboarding of new customers and devices
  • Service more customers without having to increase your team
  • Centralise client patching, with no additional costs
  • Avoid the cost of maintaining multiple backends for multiple systems
  • Reduced spend on training for your engineers
  • Less planned and unplanned maintenance downtime
  1. New revenue streams

  • Simplify renewals by demonstrating your value to your customers
  • Reduce data loss incidents and improve customer satisfaction
  • Service customers with increasingly strict compliance requirements
  • Easy upsell to existing customer base. (Acronis has built upselling into the Cyber Backup Cloud platform by including greyed out details of the more advanced Cyber Protect Cloud features to show customers what more is available.)
  • Sell managed security without needing to hire expensive experts

New capabilities to help you do more

Further, showing just how much Acronis Cyber Protect is made for service providers, new capabilities that are also available in Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud work to make the job of MSPs more streamlined and efficient, allowing them to do more. These include:

  1. Device auto-discovery and remote agent installation: This makes it easier and faster for MSP to onboard and deploy users, MSPs can onboard and deploy more users with the same team, and it enables complete protection.
  2. Vulnerability assessments: This enables MSPs to identify vulnerabilities in advance, and prevent attacks from happening.
  3. Flexible monitoring and reporting: A single pane of glass speeds up MSP operations and reactions, ultimately demonstrating excellent customer service and value.

To find out more about how you can increase your ARPU, improve SLAs, control costs and decrease churn, request the full webinar here or get in touch with us.

Written for publication on the Synapsys website on 2 September 2020