Nick Keene Synapsys Presales Engineer


By Nick Keene, Synapsys Presales Engineer

Writing on day 125 of the pandemic lockdown in South Africa, there can be no doubt that temporary band-aid measures are not what is going to get MSPs through this crisis to emerge on the other side with a healthy, thriving business and happy customers. Indeed, according to CRN Channelweb, in the UK the average MSP will see revenue drop by 17% (depending on the sector they work in — some are doing better than others.)

A powerful lever any company has to improve cash flow during tough times is to sell more: new products and services to existing customers, or to new customers. And the integration that is built into the DNA of Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud creates the perfect storm for doing both.

Integrated cyber protection

The reality is that backup doesn’t protect you against viruses and antivirus doesn’t restore your data. And with the dramatic increase in data and number of endpoints and rising risk of data loss and downtime, MSPs need to offer their customers the ability to tackle multiple threat vectors. It is possible to do this by pulling together a basket of tools, but the overheads in terms of time, money and skills required may outweigh the benefits.

Alternatively, Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud combines backup, data recovery, AM, AV, vulnerability and patch management and remote desktop support in one tool, with one agent and backend, one licence, one management console, one user interface and one set of insights. Acronis hasn’t just added a bundle of new, discrete products to a dashboard where they exist independently of each other. Instead, there are multiple levels of integration and information sharing that can make our partners’ businesses more efficient, profitable and secure, and also enable innovative data protection scenarios.

This has three immediate benefits for our MSP partners:

  1. The ability to offer complete cyber protection covering data backup and cyber security which improves customer SLAs and reduces downtime.
  2. Because these various components of cyber protection are fully integrated, they are able to offer more sophisticated capabilities than a MacGyvered together portfolio, such as being able to restore clean, uninfected backups after a malware attack.
  3. Economies of scale: the ease of use and single pane of glass mean MSPs can grow their businesses and develop additional revenue streams with their existing teams and operations.

Together, Acronis Cyber Protect is a single lever that can transform MSP businesses to survive the COVID-19 health crisis and evolve your businesses to offer a modern, fit-for-purpose response to today’s cyber security threats.

For more advice on managing your MSP business during a crisis we recommend this blog post from Acronis.

To get started offering Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud to your customers:

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud is now fully deployed to all Acronis data centres around the world. Your reseller partner, or MSP, will need to activate Cyber Protect Cloud for you. From there you can easily activate it for all your customers in your management console.

If you need support, in the first instance, contact your service provider or partner and if necessary they will escalate the matter. In addition, to help service providers to support their customers, Acronis offers free tier one support training.

Please get in touch to do so: here are our contact details, and we promise we reply to the web chat very quickly during office hours.

To find an MSP that offers Acronis Cyber Protect, drop us a line here and we’ll connect you.

Written for publication on the Synapsys website on 29 July 2020