2020-06-10 Comparisons between cyber security and human health are inevitable, especially given that we’re in the middle of a global health crisis. And Acronis has produced a particularly compelling white paper: Five Phases of Cyber Immunity: Acronis Cyber Protect that compares digital and human health from the point of view of prevention, detection, response, recovery and forensics.

It’s a fascinating read and the similarities are remarkable, so we’d urge you to read the white paper itself.

But there was one significant difference between digital and biological systems, and their response to attacks, that caught our attention: recovery. We all know that even if we are in the best of health, eating well, practicing good hygiene and up-to-date with our vaccinations, even a bout of the common cold can mean a few days of recuperation before we are back to normal again.

And yes, the same can be said for a cyber security threat: the attack itself can disable systems, but even once cyber defence mechanisms have stopped the attack, recovering data and getting systems up and running again can take hours, days or even weeks. And in the case of irretrievable data loss, you may never fully recover.

But, Acronis Cyber Protect has the ability to restore a system to a previously known “good state” without any data loss. This is thanks to Acronis’s two decades’ of experience in protecting against data loss, and it has now brought these abilities into the cyber protection space with the integration of a full-stack antivirus solution that can scan backups; vulnerability assessment capabilities with patch management; and Acronis’s award-winning AI-powered anti-ransomware and anti-malware.

One of the new features in Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud that keeps data from being lost is Continuous Data Protection which solves the challenge of how to protect data between backups. This capability defines the critical apps that users work with most often on every device. The Acronis agent then monitors every change made in these listed applications and backs up the changes immediately. This creates a zero recovery point objective (RPO) and, in case of a malware infection, the client can restore without losing data.

Acronis Cyber Protect also applies missing patches and removes any embedded threats from the backup, allowing digital systems to recover fully to their best health, far more quickly than humans recover from illness.

Read the Acronis whitepaper to find out more, and let us know if you would like an introduction to one of our MSP partners offering Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud.

Written for publication on the Synapsys website on 10 June 2020