2020-05-01 When Donally Phonene, Enterprise Systems Engineer, joined the Central University of Technology (CUT), he identified the need for a new backup system that was simple to use and manage, cost-effective, and could guarantee rapid full machine recovery. In addition, the new backup service needed to be able to easily support the current environment while providing the opportunity to scale up in the future.

CUT is a tertiary education institution in Bloemfontein, South Africa, offering both classroom-based and distance learning to more than 10,000 students. From an IT infrastructure perspective, and specifically in terms of its backup needs, CUT manages an environment of more than 100 virtual machines running on 15 physical servers. It also has Oracle and SQL databases in production, which added to the cost of the legacy backup system, because add-on licences were required for these databases. Furthermore, strict disaster recovery procedures were already in place and a very specific response time objective (RTO) of four hours was required for full recovery of a physical or virtual machine.

After an evaluation of several backup providers, Phonene selected Acronis Backup for CUT because it is easy to use, easy to administrate, cost effective, and met CUT’s technical requirements. In addition, Acronis Backup was the only solution evaluated that could recover a full image of a machine, regardless of whether the data is on-premise, hosted on remote systems, in private or public clouds, or on mobile devices. AI-based ransomware and crypto-jacking protection, improved backup validation, and blockchain backup authentication through Acronis Notary also make Acronis Backup the most secure and reliable solution on the market today.

Once CUT decided to deploy Acronis Backup, it took a week to completely migrate from the legacy system. This rapid deployment is thanks, in part, to Phonene having previously attended Acronis Certified Engineer training organised by Synapsys.

Phonene said: “The benefits of working with Acronis are very clear: it is easy to use, making it easy to recover VMs or physical machines thereby providing the business continuity that CUT requires.”

“The encryption feature is also particularly valuable and is something we are looking to take advantage of once we complete some hardware upgrades to speed things up.” Interviewed in 2019, Phonene said he was also planning on leveraging the functionality of Acronis Backup by backing up Sharepoint Online.

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Note: CUT is an Acronis customer via one of Synapsys’s reseller partners.

Written for publication on the Synapsys website on 1 May 2020